Headcanon: Ja’far & food

referring to this

I was actually surprised to discover that Ja’far likes elaborated dishes. Knowing his background, but also his personality, I think he was much more for simple dishes.

'Elaborated' things are just for show, food is just food.

The fact that he likes elaborated dishes makes him…. classier, and I think that’s because Ohtaka/animators wants to give him the impression of a refined and polite person.

Still, how does this work with his assassin background?

In a way, I think he’s really, really similar to Muron. Both have this classy ‘air’, but it’s like a cover, a mask for what they truly are.

This post was wonderful in my mind while I was thinking about it in the kitchen but now that I’m typing I forgot what i wanted to say, so I’ll just stop here ^q^