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What do you think of Sharrkan x Yamuraiha?

Oh, I really love them! >w< Definitely one of my fav het pairings.

Well, it was almost natural to ship them because of how much they fight and bicker.

Their quarrels are really funny, but despite basically disliking each other’s preferences and personality, they have an high respect for each other. I really loved when in chapter 108 Yamu said ‘That stupid swordman won’t die with his swords in his hands’. TwT

Also, I know not many underline it, but I love the implicit angst between them.
At first their fight is just ‘magic is better!!11’ and ‘No, swors are better!!111!!’, but if you think of it…

Yamuraiha was abandoned by her parents because she was a magician, she has suffered because of it; she was Mogamett’s pupil, she received his teachings. Sharrkan, with his arrogant behaviour, reminds her of those dark days TwT

And, at the same time, it seems that in heliohapt magicians are really important and rewarded; Sharrkan, with his low magoi and absolutely no talent for magic must have suffered as well.

But despite everything, despite the fact that their quarrels hurt them in a much deeper way than everyone would think, they respect and trust each other.

So, uh, I don’t know, I’m making myself sad again.

I really like them, tho. but I suck at explaining

  1. pumikin said: hhnnnnnnnnnng oh my heart
  2. do-you-know-susie said: You’re my hero ♥ SharrYamu is the best pairing ever ;A;
  3. explosive-fishing said: Also Sharrkan’s concern when he heard Sinbad made a move on Yamu or how he makes fun of her for not getting a boyfriend but when there’s a serious possibility for her to get one (aka dating magicians), he gets worked up.
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